Executive Search

We are committed to finding the right executives and professionals with the desired competencies and the ideal cultural and strategic fit. Each of our consultants combines excellent industry experience and a proven track record from working in a big, international search firm.

SHIKAR GROUP is a trusted advisor during all phases of an Executive Search assignment. We are constantly exceeding our clients expectations by providing quality driven processes, meaningful selections of candidates and therefore sustainable results.

Our unique way of consulting

Besides the professional backgrounds of our consultants, it is our methods and tools being used in our Executive Search assignments that create a unique approach to our work:

Executive Talent Index (ETI™)

The ETI combines more than 30 defined competencies and associated behaviors. It is used as the basis for a systematic selection, career and succession planning, as well as leadership development.

Organizational Culture Analysis

We pay special attention to the organizational culture of our clients. Fitting into the current or desired company culture is as important as matching the requirements of the role itself. Analysis of the culture is therefore an essential part of the recruiting process for management and executive positions. SHIKAR GROUP uses a designed tool to map the cultural characteristics of your organization.

Integration Coaching

Our efforts go far beyond the successful placement of the candidate: during the first months of employment, we support clients and candidates in achieving the commonly agreed objectives. We discuss into what extent the performance of the executive meets the expectations of the client and support the candidate with his/her integration into a new environment and new corporate culture.